travelInformation. departureTime

Departure date and time of the first leg of the trip.
Use one of the following formats:
  • yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm z
  • yyy-MM-dd hh:mm a z
  • yyyy-MM-dd hh:mma z
HH = hour in 24-hour format
hh = hour in 12-hour format
a = a.m. or p.m. (case insensitive)
z = time zone of the departing flight, for example: If the airline is based in city A, but the flight departs from city B, z is the time zone of city B at the time of departure.
For travel information, use GMT or offset from GMT.
2020-03-20 11:30 pm GMT
2020-03-20 11:30 pm GMT-05:00
The format must follow the example when specifying an offset from GMT. Insert no spaces between the time zone and the offset.


  • Data Type
    : Date Time
  • Data Length
    : 28

Mapping Information

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