orderInformation. amountDetails.surcharge.amount

Surcharge amount that you are charging the customer for the transaction.
This field is available on the
FDC Nashville Global
Worldpay VAP
, and
Visa Platform Connect
The surcharge amount is included in the total transaction amount but is passed in a separate field to the issuer and acquirer for tracking. The issuer can provide information about the surcharge amount to the customer.
Visa Platform Connect
Canada Card-Present Transactions
Merchants in Canada must include surcharge information in authorization requests for card-present transactions.
Acquirers that have merchants in Canada must support this surcharge data in the TC 33 capture file:
  • Record: CP01 TCR8
  • Position: 13
  • Field: Surcharge credit/debit indicator
The TC 33 capture file contains information about the payments and credits that a merchant submits to
. The processor creates the TC 33 capture file at the end of the day and sends it to the merchant’s acquirer. The acquirer uses this information to facilitate end-of-day clearing processing with payment networks.
PIN Debit Transactions
  • Include the surcharge amount in the value for
FDC Nashville Global
US Credit Card Transactions
The surcharge amount can be applied to card-present and card-not-present transactions on credit cards in the US. Support includes the surcharge API calls but the specific network rules are out of scope and the merchant may be subject to non-compliance assessments if surcharging is improperly applied.
Prior Approval Required
You must receive prior approval from Fiserv before assessing a surcharge amount. Contact Fiserv to register with the card brands to participate in the surcharge program. You will be required to sign a surcharging contract or addendum with Fiserv.
Worldpay VAP
Prior Notification Required for
Worldpay VAP
The surcharge amount field can only be applied to Visa or Mastercard credit card payments. You must notify the card networks and acquirer of your intent to apply surcharges at least 30 days prior to assessing the surcharges. Contact the
Worldpay VAP
customer service manager to request the surcharge feature.
Worldpay VAP
must enable a flag to process the surcharge field, otherwise the transaction will fail.


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