productInformation. selectedProducts. payments. cardProcessing. configurationInformation. configurations. common. processors[]. avsFormat

Enables Enhanced Address Verification Service (AVS)/Automated Address Verification Plus (AAV+).
This field is available for this processor:
American Express Direct

Possible Values

  • basic
    : Standard address verification system. When a processor supports AVS for a transaction’s card type, the issuing bank uses AVS to confirm that the customer has provided the correct billing address. When a customer provides incorrect information, the transaction might be fraudulent.
  • basic + name
    : Enhanced address verification system. Consists of the standard AVS functionality plus verification of these additional fields:
    • orderInformation.billTo.firstName
    • orderInformation.billTo.lastName
  • basic + name + shipto
    : Automated address verification plus. Consists of the Enhanced AVS functionality and verification of some additional fields. AAV+ is intended for merchants that deliver physical goods to a different address than the billing address. AAV+ verifies the additional fields only when the standard and Enhanced AVS tests pass first. These additional fields verified for AAV+:
    • orderInformation.billTo.phoneNumber
      American Express Direct
    • orderInformation.shipTo.address1
    • orderInformation.shipTo.firstName
    • orderInformation.shipTo.lastName
    • orderInformation.shipTo.phoneNumber
    • orderInformation.shipTo.postalCode


{ "productInformation": { "selectedProducts": { "payments": { "cardProcessing": { "configurationInformation": { "configurations": { "common": { "processors": [ "<processor>": { "avsFormat": "basic" } ] } } } } } } } }
  • <processor>
    : The processor that is associated with the merchant account.


  • Data Type:

Mapping Information

Boarding Registration Service API Field:
productInformation.selectedProducts.payments.cardProcessing.configurationInformation. configurations.common.processors[].avsFormat
Product Enablement and Configuration Service API Field:
payments.cardProcessing.configurationInformation.configurations. common.processors[].avsFormat