orderInformation. lineItems[].productCode

Type of product.
This value is used to determine the product category: electronic, handling, physical, service, or shipping. The default value is
Possible values:
  • adult_content
    : Adult content.
  • coupon
    : Coupon applied to the entire order.
  • default
    : Default value for the product code. The value
    is used when a request message does not include a value for the product code.
  • electronic_good
    : Electronic product other than software.
  • electronic_software
    : Software distributed electronically rather than on disks or other media.
  • gift_certificate
    : Gift certificate.
  • handling_only
    : Fee that you charge your customer to cover your administrative selling costs.
  • service
    : Service that you perform for your customer.
  • shipping_and_handling
    : Handling portion is the fee that you charge your customer to cover your administrative selling costs. Shipping is the charge for shipping the product to your customer.
  • shipping_only
    : Charge for transporting tangible personal property from your location to your customer. You must maintain documentation that clearly establishes the location where the title to the property passed from you to your customer.
  • subscription
    : subscription to a website or other content.
To use the Tax Calculation service, use values listed in the
Tax Product Code Guide
. For information about this document, contact customer support.
For authorizations, when you set this to a value other than
or any of the values related to shipping and handling, the
, and
fields are required.


  • Data Type:
  • Data Length:

Mapping Information

  • REST API Field:
  • SCMP API Field:
  • Simple Order API Field:

Processor Field Names

This list provides the Level II/Level III processor field name for each processor that supports Level II or Level III data.
  • Chase Paymentech Solutions
    Product Code
  • Elavon Americas
    • Mastercard: Product Code
    • Visa: Discount Per line Item
  • FDC Compass
    Product Code
  • FDC Nashville Global
    Item Product Code
  • GPN
    Product Code
  • OmniPay Direct
    Quantity / Item Quantity
  • RBS WorldPay Atlanta
    Product Code
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions
    Product Code
  • Visa Platform Connect
  • Worldpay VAP