reversalInformation. amountDetails.totalAmount

Grand total for the order.
If your request includes line items, do not include this field in your request.
This value cannot be negative. You can include a decimal point (.), but you cannot include any other special characters. The amount is truncated to the correct number of decimal places.
Some processors have specific requirements and limitations, such as maximum amounts and maximum field lengths.
Dynamic Currency Conversions
When this field is used in a request with Dynamic Currency Conversion, this field value must be denominated in the customer's billing currency.
Original Credit Transactions (OCT)
The amount must be less than or equal to 50,000 USD. Amount limits differ depending on limitations imposed by your acquirer in addition to local laws and regulations. Contact your acquirer for more information.
PIN Debit Transactions
If the transaction includes a cash-back amount, that amount must be included in this total amount. If the transaction includes a surcharge amount, that amount must be included in this total amount.
Zero Amount Authorizations
If your processor supports zero amount authorizations, you can set this field to
for the authorization to verify whether the card is lost or stolen.
Visa Platform Connect
The value for this field corresponds to the following data in the TC 33 capture file:
  • OCT Account Type: CP01 TCR0 Position 48-51
  • OCT Amount Sign: CP01 TCR0 Position 52
The TC 33 capture file contains information about the payments and credits that a merchant submits to
. The processor creates the TC 33 capture file at the end of the day and sends it to the merchant’s acquirer. The acquirer uses this information to facilitate end-of-day clearing processing with payment networks.


  • Data Type:
  • Data Length:
    • Comercio Latino
    • Other processors:

Mapping Information

  • REST API Fields:
    • orderInformation.amountDetails.totalAmount
    • reversalInformation.amountDetails.totalAmount
  • SCMP API Field:
  • Simple Order API Field:

Processor Field Names

The following list provides the Level II/Level III processor field name for each processor that supports Level II or Level III data.
  • Chase Paymentech Solutions
    Does not apply
  • FDC Compass
    Does not apply
  • FDC Nashville Global
    Does not apply
  • OmniPay Direct
    Line Item Total
  • RBS WorldPay Atlanta
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions
    Does not apply