merchantInformation. merchantDescriptor. postalCode

Postal code for your business location.
Mastercard requires a postal code for any country that uses postal codes. You can provide the postal code in your
account or you can include this field in your request.
This value might be displayed on the cardholder’s statement.
This value may be ignored by your acquiring bank. Contact your acquiring bank for more information about overriding your default merchant descriptor.
If your business is located in the US, you can use a five-digit or nine-digit postal code. A nine-digit postal code must follow this format: [5 digits][dash][4 digits]
If your business is located in Canada, use a six-character postal code. A six-character postal code must follow this format: [alpha][numeric][alpha][space] [numeric][alpha][numeric]
A1B 2C3
When you do not include this value in a PIN debit request, the merchant postal code from your account is used.
This field is required for a
original credit transaction (OCT) service request that specifies a deferred OCT processing date and time. See the
processingInformation. payoutOptions. deferredDateTime
API field.
To support Visa Direct transactions in Original Credit Transactions destined to issuers in Australia or Canada, you must include additional merchant address data in the authorization request:
  • Field 43—Card Acceptor Name/Location
  • Field 59—National Point-of-Service Geographical Data
  • Field 104, Usage 2—Transaction-Specific Data in TLV format, Dataset ID 56—Additional Acceptance Information, Tag 81—Acceptor Legal Business Name
To process Faster Refund Original Credit Transactions (OCTs) in AP and the EU, include these fields in the request:
  • Transaction Type
    • Record: Field 3
    • Positions: 1-2
  • Transaction Amount
    • Record: Field 4
  • Card Acceptor Name or Location
    • Record: Field 43
  • Transaction Identifier
    • Record: Field 62.2 (in bitmap format)
  • Message Reason Code
    • Record: Field 63.3
  • Acceptor Legal Business Name
    • Record: 104, Usage 2—Transaction-Specific Data (in TLV format)
    • Dataset ID: 56
    • Tag: 81
  • Business Application Identifier (BAI)
    • Record: 104, Usage 2—Transaction-Specific Data (in TLV format)
    • Dataset ID: 57
    • Tag: 01
  • Visa Merchant Identifier
    • Record: 126.5


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