consumerAuthenticationInformation. directoryServerTransactionId

Transaction ID that the directory server generates during authentication.
When you request the payer authentication and authorization services separately, get the value for this field from the
consumerAuthenticationInformation. threeDSServerTransactionId
response field.
Mastercard Identity Check on
Visa Platform Connect
The value for this field corresponds to the following data in the TC 33 capture file:
  • Record: CP01 TCR7
  • Position: 114-149
  • Field: MC AVV Verification—Directory Server Transaction ID
The TC 33 capture file contains information about the payments and credits that a merchant submits to
. The processor creates the TC 33 capture file at the end of the day and sends it to the merchant’s acquirer. The acquirer uses this information to facilitate end-of-day clearing processing with payment networks.


  • Data Type:
  • Data Length:

Mapping Information

  • REST API Field:
  • SCMP API Fields:
    • directory_server_transaction_id
    • pa_enroll_directory_server_transaction_id
    • pa_validate_directory_server_transaction_id
  • Simple Order API Fields:
    • ccAuthService_directoryServerTransactionID
    • payerAuthEnrollReply_directoryServerTransactionID
    • payerAuthValidateReply_directoryServerTransactionID