processorInformation. merchantAdvice.code

Category code indicating information about a decline.
For some processors, this field is used only for Mastercard. For other processors, this field is used for Visa and Mastercard. And for other processors, this field is not implemented.
When this field is used for Mastercard with
FDC Nashville Global
, it is available only for card-not-present declined transactions. When this field is used for Visa with
FDC Nashville Global
, it is available for both card-present and card-not-present declined transactions.
Use the values returned in this field for Visa and Mastercard to determine whether to retry declined transactions. Update your retry logic to ensure that a retry is not attempted when the card association won't approve the transactions. A retry on a transaction with a value in this field that prohibits retry, such as the value of
for Visa (Issuer never approves) or
for Mastercard (Do not try again), can incur a penalty from card companies.
If a decline does not have a merchant advice code in the response, the default is not to retry the transaction.
Visa and Mastercard, in addition to the merchant advice codes, provide decline response codes. American Express and Discover do not provide category codes, but they do provide decline response codes.

Possible Values for
Chase Paymentech Solutions
FDC Nashville Global
, and
Visa Platform Connect

  • 1
    : Issuer never approves
  • 2
    : Issuer cannot approve at this time
  • 3
    : Data quality/revalidate payment information
  • 01
    : New account information available
  • 02
    : Try again later
  • 03
    : Do not try again
  • 04
    : Token not supported
  • 21
    : Do not honor
  • 22
    : Merchant does not qualify for product code
  • 24
    : Retry after 1 hour
  • 25
    : Retry after 24 hours
  • 26
    : Retry after 2 days
  • 27
    : Retry after 4 days
  • 28
    : Retry after 6 days
  • 29
    : Retry after 8 days
  • 30
    : Retry after 10 days
  • 40
    : Non-reloadable prepaid card
  • 41
    : Non-reloadable prepaid card
  • 42
    : Sanctions score exceeds applicable threshold value
  • 99
    : Do not try again


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