How does API Reference Page works?

We have a quick 5 minutes tutorial video that walks through all available features and capabilities of API Reference page.


What are best practices for communicating with CyberSource?

CyberSoure customer are responsible for the maintenance of thier communication with CyberSource Servers.

CyberSource applications should be set to direct requests of CyberSource hosts to a host name, as apposed to an IP address.

For more info - 



What are the upcoming features in CyberSource REST API roadmap?

Please visit our Upgrade Guide to get latest information on upcoming features.


What does this error or response code mean?

CyberSource's Response_Code section provides status, reason and error or response code informataion.


Must I use an SDK to integrate with CyberSource.com?

No. CyberSource provides SDKs for many popular development environments for the convenience of developers. But there may be cases where it makes more sense to code a custom solution which makes API requests directly to our endpoints. Our API Documentation can help you create your own solutions from scratch, while our API reference provides the requests and responses we currently support.


How can I build PCI-Compliant sites and apps?

CyberSource's Flex Microform solution gives you tools to build PCI-compliant sites and apps. To determine all of the options available to you, see our Flex Microform Documentation.


Where can I find CyberSource's SOAP API integration documenation?

Please visit our Legacy API support section of Upgrade Guide