Response Codes

Not fluent in error codes? No problem. Enter the Status, Reason, Service or HTTP Code that the CyberSource Payment Gateway returns. Search for it below, or download the latest version of the response codes JSON.

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What is Status?

Status represents the overall status of the requested transaction. For successful transactions, ‘status’ is the only field returned in the response.

What is Reason?

The reason for a failed or declined transaction for any Payments API request. In declined or unsuccessful transactions, the API reply includes an ‘errorInformation’ object and a ‘status’ field. The 'errorInformation' object contains a 'reason' field.

What is a Service?

The REST API resource you use to request the transaction. Below are possible services:

  • Payments
  • Capture
  • Reversal
  • Refund
  • Credit
  • Void

What is an HTTP Status Code?

The CyberSource payments API responds with the standard HTTP status codes, which include, 201, 400 or 502.

201 - This HTTP status code confirms that the CyberSource API created a transaction resource ‘ID’. If you get this HTTP status code, but the transaction is unsuccessful, then CyberSource or the merchant's processor most probably marked this transaction under review, declined it or it failed.

400 - This HTTP status code indicates there is something wrong or missing in the request payload from the Merchant. Try to correct the request payload based on the error message to get a successful response.

502 – This HTTP status code indicates either a server error or time-out. Retry such transactions. Please contact support to investigate further.

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