EMV data that is transmitted from the chip card to the issuer and from the issuer to the chip card.
The EMV data is in the tag-length-value format and includes chip card tags, terminal tags, and transaction detail tags.
These tags contain sensitive information and must not be included in this field:
  • 56: Track 1 equivalent data
  • 57: Track 2 equivalent data
  • 5A: Application PAN
  • 5F20: Cardholder name
  • 5F24: Application expiration date
  • 99: Transaction PIN
  • 9F0B: Cardholder name (extended)
  • 9F1F: Track 1 discretionary data
  • 9F20: Track 2 discretionary data
For contact EMV captures, contact EMV stand-alone credits, and contactless EMV stand-alone credits, you must include these tags in this field.
  • 95: Terminal verification results
  • 9F10: Issuer application data
  • 9F26: Application cryptogram
Merchants that accept contactless transactions that must include the tap-to-phone indicator in tag 9F6E byte 4 bit 8. Possible values:
  • 0
    : Transaction did not originate from a tap-to-phone acceptance device.
  • 1
    : Transaction originated from a tap-to-phone acceptance device.
Acquirers must support the tap-to-phone indicator in the TC 33 capture file location:
  • Record: CP02 TCR0
  • Position: 150
  • Field: Tap-to-Phone Indicator
If the original transaction includes EMV tag 55 (FDI Field 55), this tag must be included in follow-on reversal transactions.
JCN Gateway
These tags must be included:
  • 4F: Application identifier
  • 84: Dedicated file name
Visa Platform Connect
Card-Present Transactions
Include this tag for better interchange rates:
  • 84: Dedicated file name
The value for Tag 84 corresponds to these data in the TC 33 capture file:
  • Record: CP02 TCR0
  • Position: 118-149
  • Field: Dedicated File Name - Application ID (AID)
The TC 33 capture file contains information about the payments and credits that a merchant submits to
. The processor creates the TC 33 capture file at the end of the day and sends it to the merchant’s acquirer. The acquirer uses this information to facilitate end-of-day clearing processing with payment networks.
Include these optional Mastercard integrated-circuit-card‐data EMV tag values in authorization requests:
  • 9F60: Authenticated application data
  • 96: Kernel identifier‐terminal


  • Data Type:
  • Data Length:
    • Visa Platform Connect
      : 252
    • Visa Platform Connect
      : 199 bytes for Japan
    • Other processors: 999

Mapping Information

  • REST API Field:
  • SCMP API Field:
  • Simple Order API Field: