processorInformation. responseCode

Response code from the issuer or the processor providing the status of the request.
This field is returned only when the processor sends this value.
Do not use this field to evaluate the result of the request.
This field is available for these services:
  • Authorization and Incremental Authorization
    —This field is returned only when the processor sends this value.
  • Credit
    —This field is returned only when the credit is authorized and the processor sends this value.
  • PIN Debit
    —This field is the value that is returned by the processor or bank in a response.
This field is available only for the
Comercio Latino
, ,
JCN Gateway
, and
Visa Platform Connect
These processors have specific requirements:
When this value is
, you can accept the transaction if the customer provides you with identification.
Comercio Latino
This value is the status code and the error or response code received from the processor separated by a colon.
Format: [status code]:E[error code] or [status code]:R[response code]
JCN Gateway
Processor-defined detail error code. The associated response category code is in the
API field.
Visa Platform Connect
The response code value
(valid account, but amount is not supported) is returned when the anticipated amount mentioned in the transaction exceeds the account limit or available funds.
The response code value
(PIN data required) is possible in these countries only when the PIN data is not included in domestic card-present transactions:
  • Albania
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • India
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • North Macedonia
  • Ukraine
The response code value
(additional customer authentication required) is possible only in these countries when SCA is requested for an e-commerce or card-present transaction:
  • Albania
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • North Macedonia
  • Ukraine
These response codes are available only for Mastercard on the
Visa Platform Connect
Mastercard declined authorizations:
If an authorization is declined for a point of sale transaction, Mastercard returns a combination of a response code and a decline reason code. The codes are added to the authorization response in this field:
  • Record: Field 104
  • Dataset ID: 65
  • Tag: 48
response code
can be one of these values:
  • 51
    : Insufficient funds
  • 79
    : Life cycle
  • 82
    : Policy
  • 83
    : Fraud or security
decline reason code
indicates the reason that the authorization was declined, or it can provide other information that you can use to determine subsequent action. Mastercard returns one of these values as the decline reason code:
  • 01
    : New account information available.
  • 02
    : Cannot approve at this time. Retry later.
  • 03
    : Do not retry.
  • 24
    : Retry after 1 hour.
  • 25
    : Retry after 24 hours.
  • 26
    : Retry after 2 days.
  • 27
    : Retry after 4 days.
  • 28
    : Retry after 6 days.
  • 29
    : Retry after 8 days.
  • 30
    : Retry after 10 days.


  • Data Type:
  • Data Length
    • JCN Gateway
      : 3
    • Other supported processors: 6 (eCheck transactions); 10 (other transactions)

Mapping Information

  • REST API Field:
  • SCMP API Fields:
    • auth_auth_response
    • auth_reversal_auth_response
    • credit_auth_response
    • ecp_credit_result_code
    • ecp_debit_result_code
    • incremental_auth_response
    • oct_response_code
    • pin_debit_credit_processor_response
    • pin_debit_purchase_processor_response
    • pin_debit_reversal_processor_response
  • Simple Order API Fields:
    • ccAuthReply_processorResponse
    • ccAuthReply_merchantAdviceCode
    • ccAuthReversalReply_processorResponse
    • ccCreditReply_processorResponse
    • ccIncrementalAuthReply_processorResponse
    • ecCreditReply_processorResponse
    • ecDebitReply_processorResponse
    • octReply_processorResponse
    • pinDebitCreditReply_processorResponse
    • pinDebitPurchaseReply_processorResponse
    • pinDebitReversalReply_processorResponse