orderInformation. lineItems[].taxAmount

Total tax to apply to the product.
Specify the value in US English characters. The amount cannot be negative. The tax amount and the
unit price
must be in the same currency.
This field is available only on the
American Express Direct
Chase Paymentech Solutions
Elavon Americas
FDC Compass
FDMS South
FDC Nashville Global
FDMS Nashville
OmniPay Direct
RBS WorldPay Atlanta
TSYS Acquiring Solutions
Visa Platform Connect
, and
Worldpay VAP
When you include this field, the Tax Calculation service does not calculate tax for the offer. Instead, it returns the value of the
field in the reply message.
The tax amount value is additive as shown in this example.
This example uses a two-exponent currency such as USD:
  1. You include these
    in your request:
    orderInformation.lineItems[0].unitPrice=10.00 orderInformation.lineItems[0].quantity=1 orderInformation.lineItems[0].taxAmount=0.80 orderInformation.lineItems[1].unitPrice=20.00 orderInformation.lineItems[1].quantity=1 orderInformation.lineItems[1].taxAmount=1.60
  2. The total authorized amount is 32.40, not 30.00 with 2.40 of tax included.
Airline Processing
Tax portion of the order amount. This value cannot exceed 99999999999999 (fourteen 9s). Format: English characters only. Optional request field for a line item.
Tax Calculation
Optional field for US, Canadian, international tax, and value-added taxes.
When you want to include
For more information, see the
Tax Calculation Developer Guide


  • Data Type:
  • Data Length:

Mapping Information

  • REST API Field:
  • SCMP API Field:
  • Simple Order API Field:

Processor Field Names

This list provides the Level II/Level III processor field name for each processor that supports Level II or Level III data.
  • American Express Direct
    : Does not apply
  • Barclays
    : Tax Amount
  • Chase Paymentech Solutions
    : Tax Amount
  • Elavon Americas
    : VAT / Tax Amount
  • FDC Compass
    : Tax Amount
  • FDC Nashville Global
    : Local Tax Amount
  • FDMS Nashville
    : Does not apply
  • FDMS South
    : Does not apply
  • GPN
    • Level II: Amount 2
    • Level III: Tax Amount N
  • GPX
    : localTax Amount
  • OmniPay Direct
    : Tax Amount / Total Tax Amount
  • RBS WorldPay Atlanta
    : Tax Amount
  • Visa Platform Connect
    : localTax Amount
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions
    • Mastercard: Tax Amount
    • Visa: VAT / Tax Amount
  • Worldpay VAP
    : taxAmount