clientReferenceInformation. transactionId

Identifier that you assign to the transaction.
Optional field for PIN debit purchase or credit requests.
This field is available only on the
Visa Platform Connect
PIN Debit Reversal Transactions
For a PIN debit reversal, your request must include a request ID or a merchant transaction identifier. The suggested format for this value is:
  • Positions 1-4:
    Last four characters or your merchant ID.
  • Positions 5-7:
    Julian date. Format: ddd
  • Positions 8-13:
    Time stamp. Format: hhmmss
  • Positions 14-15:
    Two arbitrary characters. One way to generate two arbitrary characters is to use a counter from 01-99.


  • Data Type:
  • Data Length:
    • PIN Debit Transactions: 15
    • Other Transactions: 30

Mapping Information

  • REST API Field:
  • SCMP API Fields:
    • merchant_transaction_identifier
    • pin_debit_credit_transaction_id
    • pin_debit_purchase_transaction_id
  • Simple Order API Fields:
    • merchantTransactionIdentifier
    • pinDebitCreditReply_transactionID
    • pinDebitPurchaseReply_transactionID