paymentInformation. bank.accountNumber

Customer's bank account number.
When processing encoded account numbers, use this field for the encoded account number.
When scoring a direct debit transaction, use this field if you do not or are not allowed to provide the International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Do not use the IBAN in this field. Use only the traditional account number information. For the IBAN, use


  • Data Type:
    Non-negative integer (for e-check transactions); String (for all other transactions)
  • Data Length:
    17 (for e-check transactions); 30 (for all other transactions)

Mapping Information

  • REST API Field:
  • SCMP API Fields:
    • bank_account_#
    • ecp_account_#
  • Simple Order API Fields:
    • check_accountNumber
    • fundTransfer_accountNumber