orderInformation. billTo.postalCode

Postal code in the billing address.
The postal code must consist of five to nine digits.
When the billing country is the US, the nine-digit postal code must follow this format: [5 digits][dash][4 digits].
: 12345-6789
When the billing country is Canada, the six-digit postal code must follow this format: [alpha][numeric][alpha][space][numeric][alpha][numeric]
: A1B 2C3
This field is optional if your account is configured for relaxed requirements for address data. For details about relaxed requirements, see the support article Relaxed Requirements for Address Data and Expiration Date in Credit Card Transactions.
American Express Direct
Before the postal code is sent to the processor, all non-alphanumeric characters are removed, and if the remaining value is longer than nine characters, the value is truncated starting from the right side.
Visa Platform Connect
Credit card networks cannot process transactions that contain non-ASCII characters.
Visa Platform Connect
accepts and stores non-ASCII characters correctly and displays them correctly in reports. However, the limitations of the payment card networks prevent
Visa Platform Connect
from transmitting non-ASCII characters to the payment card networks. Therefore,
Visa Platform Connect
replaces non-ASCII characters with meaningless ASCII characters for transmission to the payment card networks.


  • Data Type:
  • Data Length:
  • Data Length:
    • Comercio Latino
      : 9
    • Visa Platform Connect
      : 9
    • All other processors: 10

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