reversalInformation. amountDetails.currency

Currency used in the transaction.
Use a three-character ISO currency code.
For a list of ISO currency codes, see ISO Currency Codes.
For authorization reversal or capture services, you must use the same currency that was used for the authorization.
For the PIN debit reversal service, you must use the same currency that was used for the PIN debit purchase or PIN debit credit that you are reversing.
When using Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) with a Third-Party Provider:, use the customer’s billing currency.
Visa Platform Connect
For Mastercard installment payments in Peru, the value for this field corresponds to the following data in the TC 33 capture file:
  • Record: CP01 TCR5
  • Position: 108-110
  • Field: Financing Currency


  • Data Type:
  • Data Length:

Mapping Information

  • REST API Fields:
    • orderInformation.amountDetails.currency
    • creditAmountDetails.currency
    • refundAmountDetails.currency
    • reversalAmountDetails.currency
    • reversalInformation.amountDetails.currency
  • SCMP API Fields:
    • auth_request_currency
    • currency
    • pin_debit_purchase_request_currency
  • Simple Order API Fields:
    • ccAuthReply_requestCurrency
    • pinDebitPurchaseReply_requestCurrency
    • purchaseTotals_currency