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Network Token MIT Authorizations for Partners

This workflow shows a credentials-on-file (COF) authorization using a network token for a merchant-initiated transaction (MIT).
The workflow begins when the customer makes a purchase from the merchant and selects a COF during payment.


Network Token MIT Authorizations for Partners
  1. The customer makes a purchase and selects COF.
  2. The merchant requests the payment credentials and sends the
    token to the payment processor.
  3. The payment processor uses the
    token to look up the network token.
  4. The payment processor sends the network token and cryptogram to the merchant.
  5. The merchant uses the network token along with the cryptogram to start the authorization.
  6. The merchant sends the network token and MIT COF data to the acquirer in the authorization request.
  7. The acquirer processes the authorization and sends the authorization result to the merchant.
  8. The merchant sends the customer the authorization result from the acquirer.