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REST Example: Creating a Customer Shipping Address

Pass the customer token ID in the URL path. If the default field is not supplied and the customer does not already have a shipping address, then the shipping address will become the default. Otherwise, it will become a customer's non-default shipping address.
Response to a Successful Request
{ "_links": { "self": { "href": "/tms/v2/customers/F2F3ADA770102B51E053A2598D0A9078/shipping-addresses/F2F4C2D1B966D631E053A2598D0AB155" }, "customer": { "href": "/tms/v2/customers/F2F3ADA770102B51E053A2598D0A9078" } }, "id": "F2F4C2D1B966D631E053A2598D0AB155", "default": true, "shipTo": { "firstName": "John", "lastName": "Doe", "company": "Company Name", "address1": "1 Market St", "locality": "San Francisco", "administrativeArea": "CA", "postalCode": "94105", "country": "US", "email": "
", "phoneNumber": "4158880000" }, "metadata": { "creator": "testrest" } }