REST API | Visa Platform Connect

Portfolio MIDs for Partners

Partners will need to onboard merchants using a portfolio MID. To create a portfolio MID, contact
support. For information about creating a portfolio MID, visit the Support Center:
Customer support will respond with a questionnaire. The below information will need to be completed:
  • Organization ID
    : Portfolio MID name
  • Environment
    : Test and Production
  • Business information
    : The business name and address
  • Business contact
    : The contact that receives an email registration link to gain access to
    Business Center
    through the portfolio MID.
  • Technical contact
    : The contact that receives automatically generated notifications, such as product updates, as well as non-urgent notifications.
  • Emergency contact
    : The contact that receives urgent messages such as service outage notifications
  • Merchant notifications
    : This will send a welcome email to the business contact associated with the end merchant.
  • Processing information
    : Not applicable.
  • Product information
  • Customer Support
    : Not applicable.
  • Branding
    : Not applicable.