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Network Tokens

When a
token is used in a transaction, the
token is de-tokenized and the PAN is sent to the issuer for authorization. The PAN is still exchanged across the payment ecosystem. With network tokens, the PAN is removed from the ecosystem and replaced with network tokens, making the transaction more secure.
Network tokens are network scheme generated. They represent customer card information for secure transactions. Network tokens are mapped to instrument identifier tokens. The minimum card data required in order to request a network token is the PAN and the expiration date.
Using network tokens has benefits:
  • Improved authorizations for credential-on-file (COF) and recurring payments.
  • Real-time card information updates via Network Token Life-Cycle Management. When the customer's card details change, you can receive the updated information automatically. See Manage Webhook Subscriptions for more information on managing webhooks.
  • Improved customer tracking through the payment account reference (PAR), which is a consumer identifier that is less sensitive than the PAN that you can transmit over the payment ecosystem.
Network tokens can be provisioned for
merchants and