REST API | Visa Platform Connect

Merchant ID Registration

MID is a unique value within
that you define during account registration. Your MID identifies your merchant account and payment configuration within
systems. You provide this identifier when you sign in to the
Business Center
and submit transactions to
Multiple MIDs can be configured for various token types. You receive the instrument identifier token regardless of your account’s token type. Reasons for multiple MIDs include:
  • You have multiple processors.
  • Point-of-sale terminals have unique MIDs, which are usually configured for the PAN-only instrument identifier token.
When you have multiple MIDs, you can set up one token vault to which all of your MIDs have access or set up multiple vaults to limit access to tokens. See Token Vault Management for more information on setting up and managing your token vault.

Create an Evaluation Account

To create an evaluation account, visit the
Business Center
Evaluation Account Sign-Up
To complete the registration process, follow the email instructions that you received to activate your merchant account, and log in to the
Business Center
Send your
representative supporting you with integration to create a vault and enable
Token Management Service
with network tokens.