REST API | Visa Platform Connect


The following terms and conditions govern your use, receipt and/or possession of Card Network Tokens.
    Capitalized terms used herein shall have the following meanings:
    1. Card Network PAN
      ” means a number that is associated with a Payment Network for purposes of card transactions, all in accordance with Payment Network Rules.
    2. Card Network Token
      ” means a number provided by Cybersource pursuant to your use of Token Management Service (“TMS”) that (i) is mapped to and is a surrogate for a Card Network PAN; and (ii) to use the underlying Card Network PAN number in accordance with the Cybersource Documentation.
    3. Payment Network Rules
      ” means the operating rules, bylaws, schedules, supplements and addenda, manuals, instructions, releases, specifications and other requirements, as may be amended from time to time, of any of the Payment Networks.
    4. Payment Network(s)”
      means Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Financial Services, and any affiliates thereof or any other payment network applicable to these Terms.
    You agree to the following with respect to your use, receipt and/or possession of Card Network Tokens:
    1. You shall not maintain or create a mapping of the Card Network Token to the associated Card Network PAN.
    2. Upon request by Cybersource and/or the applicable Payment Network, you shall use commercially reasonable efforts to delete any or all of the Card Network Tokens. You acknowledge and agree that Cybersource or the applicable Payment Network may request that you delete any Card Network Token at their sole discretion.
    3. You shall not initiate any transaction with a Card Network Token without appropriate consent from and disclosures to the cardholder, including any necessary consents in order for the applicable Payment Network to receive, store, process and share any data in order to deliver the token service. Except as authorized in accordance with the applicable Payment Network Rules, you must use the Card Network Token only for transactions that are authorized, cleared and settled through the applicable Payment Network.
    4. You shall not use a Card Network Token in a manner that a Card Network PAN cannot be used under the applicable Payment Network Rules. You agree that your responsibility for use of Card Network Tokens is the same as your responsibilities for use of Account Numbers under the applicable Payment Network Rules.
    5. You agree that the Payment Network Rules govern your relationship with the applicable Payment Network and use of Card Network Tokens as if the Card Network Tokens were Card Network PANs. You must comply with all applicable Payment Network Rules, as determined by the applicable Payment Network.
    6. You agree that any Card Network Tokens will be stored in compliance with PCI-DSS and such storage is subject to your representations and warranties set forth in the applicable agreement between you and Cybersource.
    7. If you are a Reseller or Partner, to enable American Express Network Tokens, you must have a direct acquiring or processing agreement signed with American Express in order to support American Express Network Tokens on behalf of your merchants.