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Token Requestor IDs

A token requestor ID (TRID) is a unique identifier to allow entities such as merchants to request network tokens from token providers and is a prerequisite for enabling network tokenization.
Each entity must register with the token provider to get the TRID. Contact a
representative to onboard a merchant as a token requestor.

Visa and Mastercard TRIDs

An internal user can enroll a merchant as a VISA or Mastercard token requestor through the
Business Center
  1. Navigate to
    Token Management
  2. Select
    Vault Management
  3. Under the TMS Vault and Network Tokenization option, select
    Enroll to VISA/Mastercard token services
After enroll is submitted, the
and TRID is filled on the screen for VTS and TRID for Mastercard.
In order to request a TRID to the token provider,
uses merchant business details already stored. If any of the details are not present, a dialog form should appear prompting you to complete the missing fields.

American Express TRIDs

Enrollment as a token requestor for American Express tokens is still a manual process. Contact your
representative to request the TRID to American Express.
Please allow 2 to 3 days for the completion of your request.
SE Numbers
are required to process American Express card transactions.