REST API | Visa Platform Connect

HTTP Status Codes

A request response returns one of the following HTTP status codes:
  • 200
    : The standard response for a successful HTTP request. In a
    request, the response will contain an empty entity corresponding to the requested resource. In a
    request, the response will contain an entity describing or containing the result of the action.
  • 201
    : The request was fulfilled and resulted in a new resource being created. If you get this HTTP status code for an unsuccessful transaction,
    or the merchant's processor probably marked this transaction as under review, declined, or failed.
  • 204
    : The server fulfilled the request but does not need to return a body.
  • 403
    : Forbidden Response: The profile might not have permission to perform the operation.
  • 404
    : Token Not Found. The token ID may not exist or was entered incorrectly.
  • 409
    : Conflict. The token is linked to a Payment Instrument.
  • 410
    : Token not available The token has been deleted.
  • 424
    : Failed Dependency: The profile represented by the profile ID may not exist or the profile ID was entered incorrectly.
  • 500
    : Unexpected error.