API Evolution Guide

This Developer Center (developer.CyberSource.com) provides an API Explorer, interactive documentation and sample code for the CyberSource REST APIs.

If you're NOT integrating with the CyberSource REST APIs, see the CyberSource classic XML and SCMP API documentation

While some CyberSource API features are not yet available as a REST API, all REST APIs on this Developer Center are fully supported and available for production usage.

Please contact us to ask questions, raise any Developer Center, API or language SDK issues, and provide feedback.

Our existing APIs, REST and Classic, will remain fully supported and available.  When we do intend to deprecate or sunset an API or Integration method, we will announce it here. 



Upcoming new Payments REST API features

  • Airline Processing
  • China Processing
  • Direct Debit
  • Direct Pay
  • Pin-Based Debit
  • PinLess Debit
  • BoletoPayments


Upcoming new REST APIs 

  • Fraud Management (Decision Manager)
  • Recurring Billing
  • Alternative Payments
  • PayPal
  • Tax Calculation



API Support Status

API                            Status                          Documentation
Simple Order  Supported  View
SOAP TookKit  Supported   View
Secure Acceptance  Supported  View
SCMP  Supported (but not recommended)  View


API Statuses

The API is fully supported and maintained including updates and enhancements.

The API is fully supported however it has been replaced by an improved version and we recommend upgrading to that version as soon as possible. 

End of Life
The API is no longer supported.