Token Management Service Best Practices

Token Management Service (TMS) links tokens across service providers, payment types, and channels for sellers, acquirers, and technology partners. TMS creates one unified token identifier, a token-of-tokens, to centralize management of all payment credentials. The unified token identifier protects sensitive customer payment data stored in secure Visa data centers.
TMS token types include:
  • Customer
    – The customer token type represents data about the merchant's customer including email address, customer ID, shipping address (stored in a token), and other related fields
  • Payment Instrument
    – The payment instrument token type represents the complete billing details for the payment type including cardholder name, expiration date, and billing address.
  • Instrument Identifier
    – The instrument identifier token type represents the tokenized Primary Account Number (PAN) for card payments as well as the associated COF Network Token, or U.S. or Canadian bank account number and routing number.
Token Management Service Flow
TMS enables you to:
  • Create a customer wallet app and manage customer data tokens. The app can store multiple payment instruments and shipping addresses.
  • Create Access Network Tokens via a standard token or payment flow. Process follow-on payment transactions with token IDs replacing PAN and additional details stored. 
  • Create and update tokens through bundled payment transactions.
  • Manage sensitive data securely by creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting tokens through the TMS API.
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