Simple Order API

Introducing Payer Authentication

Payer authentication services use front-end JavaScript and back-end API services to provide authentication. Payer authentication services enable you to add support to your web store for card authentication services, including:
  • Visa Secure
  • Mastercard Identity Check
  • Maestro
    (UK Domestic and international)
  • American Express SafeKey
  • JCB J/Secure™
  • Diners Club ProtectBuy
  • Discover ProtectBuy
  • China UnionPay
  • Elo Compra Segura
These card authentication services deter unauthorized card use and protect you from fraudulent chargeback activity referred to as liability shift. However, payer authentication is not a fraud management service, such as
Decision Manager
. It is recommended that you implement a comprehensive fraud management program in addition to payer authentication services.
You can use payer authentication services with specific payment processors.
To find out if your payment processor supports this feature, see the “Payer Authentication” section in the
Credit Card Services guide
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