Managing Permissions as a Portfolio Administrator

Follow these steps to configure and manage user permissions in the
Business Center
Unified Checkout
as a portfolio administrator:
  1. On the left navigation panel, navigate to
    Account Management
  2. Click
    to see a list of your user roles.
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the user role that you want to update.
  4. Click
    Payment Configuration Permission
  5. Select the relevant permission for the specific user role you are editing. You can choose from these
    Unified Checkout


    • Unified Checkout View
    • Unified Checkout Manage
    • Unified Checkout Portfolio View (available for portfolio users only)
    • Unified Checkout Portfolio Manage (available for portfolio users only)
    If all permissions are left unselected, the user has restricted permission. A
    no access
    message appears when the user tries to access the
    Unified Checkout
    digital product enablement pages. The user is advised to contact a customer representative.
    If a portfolio user has view permissions and does not have a management role, they can access the
    Unified Checkout
    pages, but they cannot modify toggles for different digital payments.