Microform Integration

Microform Integration
replaces the card number input field of a client application with a
-hosted field that accepts payment information securely and replaces it with a non sensitive token.
You can style this page to look and behave like any other field on your website, which might qualify you for PCI DSS assessments based on SAQ A.
Microform Integration
provides the most secure method for tokenizing card data. Sensitive data is encrypted on the customer’s device before HTTPS transmission to
. This method reduces the potential for man-in-the middle attacks on the HTTPS connection.

How It Works

Microform Integration
JavaScript library enables you to replace the sensitive card number input field with a secure iframe (hosted by
), which captures data on your behalf. This embedded field will blend seamlessly into your checkout process.
When captured, the card number is replaced with a mathematically irreversible token that only you can use. The token can be used in place of the card number for follow-on transactions in existing

PCI Compliance

The least burdensome level of PCI compliance is SAQ A. To achieve this compliance, you must securely capture sensitive payment data using a validated payment provider.
To meet this requirement,
Microform Integration
renders secure iframes for the payment card and card verification number input fields. These iframes are hosted by
and payment data is submitted directly to
through the secure
Flex API
v2 suite, never touching your systems.

Browser Support

  • Chrome 37 or later
  • Edge 12 or later
  • Firefox 34 or later
  • Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Opera 24 or later
  • Safari 10.1 or later