Unified Checkout
in the
Business Center

To begin using
Unified Checkout
, you must first ensure that your merchant ID (MID) is configured to use the service and that any payment methods you intend to use are properly set up.
  1. Log in to the
    Business Center
    If you are unable to access this page, contact your sales representative.
  2. In the
    Business Center
    , go to the left navigation panel and choose
    Payment Configuration
    Unified Checkout
  3. You can configure various payment methods such as Google Pay and
    Click to Pay
    . Click
    Set up
    and follow the instructions for your selected payment methods. When payment methods are enabled, they appear on the payment configuration page.


    Manage Unified Checkout Digital Payments Solutions
  4. Click
    to edit your existing payment method configurations or enroll in new payment methods as they are released.