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Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout uses payment network tokenization to make in-app and mobile payments on a variety of platforms.
Learn more about Visa Checkout by watching our Visa Checkout video:

You can configure Visa Checkout to get Payment Account Number (PAN) data with each Visa Checkout transaction. The PAN data must be protected in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Alternatively, CyberSource can manage the PAN data on your behalf allowing you to continue to perform payment processing without receiving the PAN data directly. To use this option:
  1. Log in to the CyberSource Business Center.
  2. Go to
    Account Management > Digital Payment Solutions
    and sign up for Visa Checkout.


    You are required to enter a valid domain URL from which your Visa Checkout transaction will originate.
  3. Accept the Visa Checkout Services Agreement. An API key is now generated so that you can integrate Visa Checkout into your checkout solution.


    This API key is used only for Visa Checkout integration. You should continue to use your Visa Developer project’s API key and shared secret to integrate with Visa Developer.
  4. Send the authorization request to the CyberSource Payments API and include in the request:
    1. Set the
      field under the
      object to the encrypted payment data obtained from Visa Checkout.
    2. Set the
      field under the
      object to the encrypted key obtained from Visa Checkout.
    3. Set the
      field under the
      object to the call ID obtained from Visa Checkout.
    4. Set the
      field to