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Overview of PIN Debit Processing

PIN debit processing follows this flow:
  1. The customer swipes the card through a magnetic card reader, dips the card into the EMV terminal (contact), or taps the card against a scanner (contactless).
  2. The customer chooses to process the card as a debit card or a credit card.
    Issuer regulations require that you present the customer with this choice.
  3. If the customer chooses debit, you request the PIN debit purchase service. The transaction is routed through the debit card networks.
    PIN debit transactions are full-financial transactions; they are single message transactions that include authorization and capture. As such, you do not need to request a capture as you would with a credit card.
    If the PIN debit purchase service fails, you can process the card as a credit card.
  4. If the customer chooses the credit card option or if the card cannot be used for a PIN debit purchase, process the transaction as a credit card transaction, requesting the credit card authorization and capture services together. The transaction is routed through the credit card networks.
    Refer to the
    services developer guide for information about using credit card services to process debit card transactions.
  5. Later, if you need to refund a PIN debit purchase, use the PIN debit credit service.
  6. To reverse a PIN debit purchase or PIN debit credit, use the PIN debit reversal service.
    To request a PIN debit reversal, you must submit the request within one hour of the request that you are reversing.