Edit or Delete a Shipping Address

In your e-wallet app, use the TMS API .
To get all addresses, call:
GET /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/shipping-address
. The first record is the default.
To add an address, call:
POST /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/shipping-addresses
. This adds a non-default shipping address. If it is the customer's first address, it becomes the default address.
3. & 5. To edit an address, call:
PATCH /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/shipping-addresses/{shippingAddressTokenId}
4. & 6. To delete an address, call:
DELETE /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/shipping-addresses/{shippingAddressTokenId}
7. To set an address as the default address, call:
PATCH /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/shipping-addresses/{shippingAddressTokenId}
and pass the request field
For details, see the Token Management API Reference.       
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