Add a New Payment Method Address

In your e-wallet app, use the TMS API to list the customer's addresses or add a new address for a payment method.
  1. To list the customer's existing billing addresses, call:
    GET /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/payment-instruments
    The call returns all of the payment methods for a customer, including their billing address details.
    Alternatively, to list the customer's existing shipping addresses, call:
    GET /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/payment-instruments
    This call returns all the shipping address details for a customer.
  2. To add a new address, call:
    POST /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/shipping-addresses
  3. To add an address to the payment method created in Add a New Payment Method, call:
    PATCH /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/payment-instruments/{paymentInstrumentTokenId}
    Also, pass the ID of the instrument identifier created when in Add a New Payment Method and the card expiration date.
Add an address for a new payment method
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