Edit or Delete a Payment Method

In your e-wallet app, use the TMS API to retrieve a customer's payment method, and allow the customer to delete or edit the payment method.
  1. To retrieve the customer's default payment method, call:
    GET /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/payment-instruments
    and read the first record, which is the default.
  2. Display the non-default payment instruments.
  3. To delete a payment method, call:
    DELETE /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/payment-instruments/{paymentInstrumentTokenId}
  4. To edit a payment method, call:
    PATCH /tms/v2/customers/{customerTokenId}/payment-instruments/{paymentInstrumentTokenId}
    Include the updated payment method details in the call.
For details, see Customer Payment Instrument in the API Reference.
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