TMS Network Tokens

Credential-On-File (COF) Network Tokens
COF network tokens are network scheme (VISA, Mastercard, Amex, etc.) generated tokens that represent customer card information for secure transactions. The minimum card data required to request a COF network token is the PAN and the expiry date. Merchants, acquirers, and partners can easily create network tokens when using TMS and processing payments over the Cybersource payment gateway. The simple integration allows merchants, partners, and acquirers to reduce the effort needed for PCI DSS compliance while gaining the benefits provided by COF network tokens.
Using COF network tokens has benefits.
  • Improved authorizations for COF and recurring payments
  • Real-time card information updates via lifecycle management. When the customer's card details change, you can receive the updated information automatically.
  • Improved customer tracking via the payment account reference (PAR), which is a consumer identifier less sensitive than the PAN that you can transmit over the payment ecosystem.
Network Token Guidelines for merchants
Network tokens follow the EMVCo token standard and are managed by each individual network scheme (VISA, Mastercard, Amex, etc.). Individual card scheme rules and regulations apply when using COF network tokens.
  • Please contact your Cybersource representative to configure network tokens. Setup lead time is required.
  • COF network tokens are limited to recurring and COF transactions. They require cardholder consent prior to making a token creation request in accordance with the COF and merchant-initiated transaction (MIT) mandates. COF and MIT are mandatory network token-based transactions.
  • Card issuer participation in network tokenization continues to grow, however, not all cards are eligible for COF network tokenization. For current Issuer participation rates, please contact your Cybersource representative.
  • Only certified processors can process COF network tokens. Please check with your Cybersource representative to receive the current list of supported processors.
  • Not all card types are eligible.
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