Apple Pay

Apple Pay uses payment network tokenization to make Web payments and mobile payments on Apple devices.
Learn more about Apple Pay by watching our Apple Pay Video:

CyberSource offers merchants two options for processing Apple Pay transactions:
  • Merchant decryption
  • CyberSource decryption
Both options are available for mobile transactions and Web transactions.
The merchant decryption option enables you to decrypt the encrypted payment data from Apple to retrieve the payment network token, the expiry date, the cryptogram, and other payment data associated with the transaction. To use this option, first obtain a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) directly from Apple. You then submit the authorization request with the payment network tokenization data as in "Payment Network Tokenization."
The CyberSource decryption option enables you to simplify your payment processing by allowing CyberSource to decrypt the payment data for you during processing. To use this option:
  1. Log in to the CyberSource Business Center.
  2. Go to
    Account Management > Digital Payment Solutions
    and enable
    Apple Pay
  3. Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
  4. Submit the CSR to Apple and obtain the Apple Pay certificate, which is required for creating an iOS application.
  5. In the authorization request under the
    object, set the
    field under the
    object to the Base64-encoded value you obtained from the
    property of the
    object (as described in the PassKit Framework Reference).
  6. Set the
    field under the
    object to
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