Background Information

The CyberSource Payouts Original Credit Transaction (OCT) API is the main API of the Payouts service and is used to initiate a funds transfer to an eligible Visa or Mastercard account.
The Payouts OCT API and related CyberSource APIs can be executed in the API test environment. Before moving to production and running live transactions, you must have a merchant account with an acquiring (merchant) bank that supports Visa Direct and Mastercard MoneySend. For further information or to plan your production roll out, contact CyberSource Customer Support.
CyberSource Payouts enables payments to most Visa and Mastercard accounts; however, some countries might have restrictions based on geography or use case. For example:
  • The only prepaid card accounts that are permitted to receive funds are reloadable prepaid accounts for which the recipient issuer has Know Your Customer or Customer Identifiable information on file for the cardholder.
  • In the U.S., Visa and Mastercard can accept all domestic funds transfers, but they cannot accept funds transfers from outside the U.S.
The API test environment currently does not have processor or network connectivity, so funds transfers cannot be validated in the test environment. For this reason, all responses are simulated.
To view the availability of all CyberSource APIs, refer to the Availability Matrix.
The following networks support the OCT service:
  • Visa: Visa Direct is the program of enhanced message types for depositing funds to a card account (OCT). It also provides the deposit funds for an OCT by withdrawing the funds from a card account (AFT). Visa Direct also provides the processes, policies, and underlying operating regulations and mandates for issuers and acquirers. Currently, CyberSource Payouts does not support AFTs.
  • Mastercard: Mastercard Send is the program used for funds transfer to Mastercard products. Mastercard Send enables customers to move funds quickly and safely—to friends and family or to their own Mastercard card accounts—and receive disbursements from businesses and governments, leveraging the trusted and reliable Mastercard network. Currently, Mastercard is supported only as a recipient card type.
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