Creating and Accessing Downloadable Reports

The Business Center generates and stores reports to which you subscribed on the Available Reports page. These reports include standard, preconfigured reports that you enabled and any custom reports you created. For a list of fields and descriptions you can include in downloadable reports, see Chapter 5, "Report Fields and Descriptions."refer to XYZ section to see which reports can be consolidated at the Partner level?

If you previously used the old Business Center, see the Reporting Migration Guide for more information on switching to new reports. The guide contains details about changes to your old reports.

Partners and account-level users can also create reports that consolidate data for one or all merchants, or a selected group of merchants, in their portfolios.

Some merchants, including those processing alternate payment methods, may have access to financial data. For more information about these types of reports, see Appendix A, "Financial and Reconciliation Reports."