Getting Started with Business Center Reporting

Several reports are automatically enabled for you during the onboarding process, so it is easy to get started with Business Center reporting. You can use the Standard reports as is or you can customize them to fit your needs.

Merchant accounts created in the Business Center before May 2019 are not auto-enabled for Standard reports. For information on enabling these reports, see "Subscribing to Standard Reports".

The Business Center offers several reporting options for you to access and download your transaction data:

  • Standard reports—Track and reconcile your payment activity.
  • Custom reports—Use building blocks to create reports for your specific needs.
  • Specialized reports—Track and review how you use additional services such as Custom Fraud Management, Account Updater, and Tax Calculation.

The following reports are available on the Available Reports page. Each report contains specific fields to help you understand your transaction data:

  • Transaction Request—Daily transaction level report that shows details related to individual transactions. Logs all of your Business Center payment gateway activity.
  • Payment Batch Detail—Daily transaction level report that shows all of your sales and refunds that were submitted to your payment processor through the Business Center. Tracks which of your transactions have been settled.
  • Payment Events—Daily transaction level report that shows payment notifications received from your payment processor (for selected processors). Tracks information related to your transactions such as payment notifications and exceptions.
  • Payment Batch Summary—Summary level report that shows the quality and amount of your sales and refunds by currency and payment method.

To learn more about generating and downloading reports, see: