Recent Revisions to This Document

Version 21.05

Improved description of industryType in Health Care Fields

Added health care fields to Fields with Compound Values

Version 21.04

Added Gift Card Fields.

Added Payment Channels to the tables in To generate a one-time report: and To create a custom report subscription:

Added notes explaining that file retention and lookback range vary by report. See File Retention and Lookback Range Information and Lookback Range Periods for On-Demand Reports.

Version 21.03

Added the following payment data fields for subsequent authorizations. See Payment Data Fields.
  • SubsequentAuth
  • SubsequentAuthFirst
  • SubsequentAuthReason
  • SubsequentAuthStoredCredential
  • SubsequentAuthTransactionID

Version 21.02

This revision contains only editorial changes and no technical updates.

Version 21.01

Added Health Care Fields.

Version 20.03

Added linkToRequest field to Tax Detail Report field list and to Request field descriptions. See Payment Fields.

Added aggregate report information for Payment Batch Summary report. See Payment Batch Summary.

Added information for Boleto Bacario and Bank Transfer users for using the Payment Event Report. See Processor Events Detail.

Version 20.02

Corrected table headings in File Retention and Lookback Range Information.

Added Fields with Compound Values.

Updated Creating Custom Reports, to allow for enabling Classic and Custom report subscriptions.