Original Credit Transaction Reports for Acquirers

An Original Credit Transaction (OCT) is a financial transaction that delivers funds directly to a recipient’s eligible account. Unlike a purchase transaction, which debits a cardholder’s account, an OCT credits the cardholder’s account.

The funds flow in a different direction than in typical card transaction. A full financial BIN is required and the liability to pay lies with the acquirer. Once the issuer accepts the transaction the transaction is completed and funds are pulled from the acquirer in the next settlement window. There are no reversals or chargebacks that can be originated by the acquirer.

Original Credit Transactions can be used for a variety of services:

  • Money Transfers
  • Funds Disbursements
  • Prepaid Loads
  • Merchant Settlements
  • Credit Card Bill Payments
  • Loyalty and Offers
  • Wallet Transfers

For instructions on creating report subscriptions and generating these reports, see Chapter 2, "Creating and Accessing Downloadable Reports.".

Table 1. Acquirer Original Credit Transaction Reports
Report Name Description
Acquirer Detail Report Provides a detailed listing of all OCT transactions.
Acquirer Exception Detail Report Provides exception transactions for one processing day.
Acquirer Chargeback Detail Report Provides chargebacks and chargeback reversal transactions received by the acquirer during the processing day.
Acquirer Reconciliation Summary Report Provides a summary of total OCT transactions and total amount processed.