Financial and Reconciliation Reports

The Business Center enables both merchants processing credit card or alternate payments to generate reports containing financial / reconciliation data. For alternate payment merchants, reporting supports both direct merchants and those using financial service providers. For more information about payment processing for alternate payments, see the Alternate Payment Services support documentation.

Note: Based on the acquirer and processor you use, one or more of the reports in this section may be available. Contact your representative for more information about which reports are applicable to your organization.

For instructions on creating report subscriptions and generating downloadable reports, see ChapterĀ 2, "Creating and Accessing Downloadable Reports."

Table 1. Financial / Reconciliation Reports
Report Name Description
Aging Details Displays transactions which have been settled but not funded, by age.
Chargeback and Retrieval Details Reflects all chargeback activity.

Each chargeback is displayed, and the report indicates if there was any financial impact.

Deposit Details Displays what deposits and debits were made to the bank account.

Each ACH item is displayed with an ACH description (Settlement, Chargeback, Fees, etc.), and whether the money was deposited or debited from the bank account.

Fee Details Displays the Interchange, Discount, and Assessment fees for each transaction.

Alternate payment merchants see Service Fees.

Funding Details Lists all settled transactions from the daily batch.
Processor Settlement Details All settlement responses sent by your acquirer, by transaction and status.
Net Funding