Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes responses to common questions and scenarios you might encounter while using reports in the Business Center.

Can I order my fields in an XML downloadable report?

The XML industry standards do not require field order to be specified. All industry standard XML parsers are compatible with unordered elements.  For more information, see

How soon will my generated report be ready?

Daily, recurring reports are available for download within six hours of the report start time. Weekly, monthly, and one-time reports might take longer than six hours. Reports for partners also may require longer than six hours to generate.

Is there a limit to the size of a generated report?

The report can be any size, but it might take more time to download depending on the file size and the user’s network speed.

Where can I find report field descriptions?

See Chapter 5, "Report Fields and Descriptions."

Which report fields can I add to a report?

For a list of available fields in each report, see "Fields and Descriptions for Downloadable Reports."

How can I identify declined authorizations in my reports?

In the Transaction Request Report, authorizations are recorded in the ApplicationName field as ics_auth. If the authorization was declined, the value in the RCode field will be 0. You can find additional information related to the decline in the RFlag and the RMsg fields.

How do I interpret an authorization reply flag (rFlag)?

For more information, see Reply Flags & Messages on the Customer Support site.

Should the old Business Center Payment Batch Summary Report match the Net Funding panel?

Yes.What is the reporting cycle of the Invoice Summary Report?

The Invoice Summary report contains transactions that happen between 12:00 a.m. on the first day of the month and 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the last day of the month.

Why can’t I change the time and time zone of the Invoice Summary Report?

The Invoice Summary report is designed to run on the same cycle as your monthly billing. This report is expected to contain the transactions that are billed for the month.

How can I get a one-time Invoice Summary report to cover the same period of time as my monthly invoice?

To create a one-time Invoice Summary report that reflects your monthly invoice, select the start date as the first day of the month; the end date as the last day of the month; and time zone as GMT.

Can I reconcile the Payment Batch Detail Report with the same report in the old Business Center?

If you would like to configure your new Payment Batch Detail report to contain the same transactions that appear in the same report in the old Business Center, schedule the report to begin at 12:00 AM PST. In this case, the two reports will contain the same transactions.

Is the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) is reflected in any acquiring reports?

It is exposed as Transaction Reference Number in the Business Center reports. The GPN returns the ARN, which is a combination of the Cybersource trans_ref_no field with some specific information from Global Payments.