Product overview

Version (latest): 1.2.0


  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Salesforce Billing


Version 1.2.0 (April 2024) • HTTP header updates

Version 1.0.0 (July 19, 2021) Initial Release • Add Sale & Refund services for Card Payment method. • Added API services for Authorization & Capture. • Supports Card tokenization.. • Supports eCheck payment method.

The Cybersource for Salesforce Billing package adds secure credit card & echeck payment processing for merchants using Salesforce to automate post sales payments from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and more, with the opportunity to turn those customers into loyal subscribers with recurring revenue.

  • Card Payments
  • Tokenisation
  • eCheck/ACH
  • Recurring Merchant Initiated Transactions

Product editions

Product Editions: Available with any Salesforce supported version of CPQ and Billing

Getting started

Obtaining and configuring your Salesforce Billing plug-in

Cybersource extension

Cybersource Addons can quickly help you reach your digital commerce goals. Our global, modular payment management platform can support you to enhance customer experience, grow revenues and mitigate risk.

Working with our Global Technology Partners to simplify the integration work required for merchants to transact with Cybersource quickly and easily.