Best Practices for Communications

This section includes suggestions for maintaining and troubleshooting your communication with CyberSource servers.

Communicating with CyberSource

CyberSource customers are responsible for the maintenance of their communication with CyberSource servers.
Using the various networking tools which are available, customers can resolve the current host names of CyberSource servers locally. CyberSource applications should be set to direct requests of CyberSource hosts to a host name, as opposed to an IP address.
Appreciating that some network applications (firewall software applications, for example) do not allow the use of host names, customers may perform a DNS lookup to resolve a CyberSource host name to an IP address; however, customers should be aware that it is their responsibility to maintain the timeliness of the IP resolution for a CyberSource host name.

Troubleshooting Communication Problems

While CyberSource works to maintain a dependable network environment to which the customer can send requests, the possibility exists for network disruption between CyberSource and the customer. In order to ensure that any service disruption has limited impact on the consumer, please be sure to keep the following in mind:
  1. Put an order queue system in place: Customers should have a system that allows them to continue to receive orders from consumers. Such systems might include a database that collects all consumer information and then submits all the collected information once the connection to CyberSource has been re-established.
  2. Collect the following information when working with CyberSource Customer Support to resolve connection problems:
    • When did the you begin to see the problem (date and time)?
    • How often does the problem occur (all the time, sometime, during high volume)?
    • What is the exact behavior of the problem (what CyberSource error, what browser error, what specific details)?
    • What CyberSource service are they accessing (transaction service (which service: auth? bill?), transaction support screens, reports)?
    • What server(s) are you trying to access (,
    • What IP are they requesting this information from (please include this in your support request)?
    • What is the result of “nslookup” for the server that you are requesting (please include this in your support request)?
    • What are the results of “ping” and “tracert” for the server that you are requesting (please include this in your support request)?
    • What CyberSource client are you using (CyberSource client version number, and platform)?
  3. Send the above information to CyberSource Customer Support for troubleshooting assistance.
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