Enrolling in Apple Pay

The Apple Pay configuration process involves creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) linked to your Apple Merchant ID. Before you begin this process, be sure to register for the certificate on the Apple Pay for Developers website. The Apple Pay Certificate is required for creating an iOS application, but not needed for payment processing with CyberSource.


the Configure button displays regardless of whether or not Apple Pay has already been configured. If the Apple Pay feature has not been enabled for your account, click Learn More to find out if you meet the prerequisites to use Apple Pay.

To enroll in Apple Pay:

  1. On the left navigation pane, click the Payment Configuration icon.
  2. Click Digital Payment Solutions. The Digital Payments page appears.
  3. Click Configure. The Visa Checkout Configuration panel opens.
  4. Enter your Apple Merchant ID.
  5. Click Generate New CSR.
  6. To download your CSR, click the Download icon next to the key.
  7. Follow your browser's instructions to save and open the file.
  8. Complete the enrollment process by submitting your CSR to Apple.

    For information about adding certificates to your Apple Merchant ID, refer to the Apple Pay PassKit.