How It Works

Digital Accept
Unified Checkout Integration
consists of a server-side component and a client-side JavaScript library.
The server-side component authenticates your merchant identity and instructs the system to act within your payment environment. The response contains limited-use public keys. The keys are for end-to-end encryption and contain merchant-specific payment information that drives the interaction of the application. The client-side JavaScript library dynamically and securely places digital payment options into your e‑commerce page.
The provided JavaScript library enables you to place a button widget within your e‑commerce environment. This widget offers payment options to your customers.
When a customer selects a payment option from the button widget, the
Unified Checkout Integration
handles all of the interactions with the digital payment selected. It also provides a response to your e‑commerce system.
The figure below shows a secure remote commerce widget with customer checkout payment options.


Button Widget
Example of the button widget interface with various payment options.
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