Token Requestor IDs

A token requestor ID (TRID) is a unique identifier to allow entities such as merchants to request network tokens from token providers and is a prerequisite for enabling network tokenization. Each entity must register with the token provider to get the TRID. Please reach out to a
representative to onboard a merchant as a token requestor.

Visa and Mastercard TRIDs

An internal user is able to enroll a merchant as a VISA or Mastercard token requestor through
Business Center
  1. Navigate to
    Token Management
  2. Select
    Vault Management
  3. Under the TMS Vault and Network Tokenization option, select
    Enroll to VISA/Mastercard token services
After enroll is submitted, the
and TRID is filled on the screen for VTS and TRID for Mastercard.
In order to request a TRID to the token provider,
uses merchant business details already stored. If any of the details are not present, a dialog form should appear prompting you to complete the missing fields.

American Express TRIDs

Enrollment as a token requestor for American Express tokens is still a manual process. Contact your
representative to request the TRID to American Express.
Please allow 2 to 3 days for the completion of your request.
SE Numbers
are required to process American Express card transactions.
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